WikiStrinda er Strinda historielags leksikon over historiske personer, begivenheter og bilder i tidligere Strinda kommune og Trondheim kommune, samt områder påvirket av trøndere.
WikiStrinda inneholder også artikler av nasjonal interesse, spesielt knyttet til emigrasjon fra Trøndelag.

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Welcome to WikiStrinda!

Strinda Historical Society offers you to visit this encyclopedia WikiStrinda. You will find some articles of churches, museums, buildings, people, events, stories and local history here. A lot of them will be illustrated with old pictures taken from postcards, books, paintings or old photos.

The information on these pages is mostly describing the local community Strinda, now a suburb of Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. Since the Middle age and until 1964 Strinda was a rural district surrounding the city.

How to find further information

Point the Entrance field “Categories in English” to the left. You will be guided to another page called “Categories in English”. In alphabetical order you will be offered a list of articles, all written in English.

You might also search in the field marked “Søk”, and press “Gå”. If you do so - you will find all our articles – also those who are written in Norwegian.


If you point to a small photo and press the cursor, a magnified version will be available.

Questions or comments?

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Jan Åge Habberstad.

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