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Saskatchewan homestead search

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Saskatchewan homestead search - surname Hansen

Saskatchewan homestead search gir oversikt over personer som har eid land i denne delen av Canada.

Saskatchewan Homestead Index This is a file locator database to the homestead files at the Saskatchewan Archives. It is searchable by name, location or by additional remarks. The site also gives directions for obtaining the file information once the appropriate file has been identified.

How to Obtain Copies

Now that you have had the opportunity to search the Saskatchewan Homestead Index, you have two options to obtain copies of the actual documents within the homestead files. It must be remembered that the individual files relate to a specific parcel of land, not to any given person who might have been an applicant for the grant of the land. Therefore, in some cases depending upon circumstances, several persons may in fact be documented on one file. Also, the number of pages on a given file varies. There may be as few as 2 pages and as many as 200, again dependent upon circumstances.

If you have identified a specific file number in the index for a given person or a given parcel of land in which you are interested, you should contact Saskatchewan Archives Board with a list of

the homestead file numbers exactly as found in the search results; and names of persons and/or legal land descriptions related to each of those file numbers.

Click here to be linked to the Saskatchewan Archives online inquiry form.

In order to avoid duplication of effort, please send your inquiry to either the Regina or the Saskatoon Reference Services Office, but not to both. When inquiries require input from staff or information from collections in the other office, our reference services staff will consult with colleagues in order to bring together a complete response from our institution. The fee for reproductions is 50 cents per page plus a shipping and handling charge. Archives staff will provide further details.

If you are unsure of the exact file that relates to your research or if you are having difficulty locating the pertinent file, you will likely need additional research assistance that can be obtained from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS). You should contact the SGS outlining your research problem and requesting help through one of their research packages. The package that will be most helpful to users of the Saskatchewan Homestead Index is the following:

Homestead Records Search - $15.00 per homestead location when the name of the homesteader and the legal land description is provided. $17.00 per homestead location when the name of the homesteader and a community name or general area/location in Saskatchewan is provided. Both searches include up to six pages of copies.

Inquiries involving greater definition of research parameters and/or more extensive research by SGS staff may require additional service charges.

Click here to be linked to further information about SGS research services.

Copies of the original land grant certificates or Letters Patent can be obtained from the Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan. Click here for more information. These documents are not part of the homestead files held by the Saskatchewan Archives.

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