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Olav Crone Aamot

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Olav Crone Aamot

Olav Crone Aamot (28.9.1900 i Gjerpen- 1.10.1960 i USA ), var sønn av planteskoleeier Mikael Aamot (31.3.1870 i Eidfjord- ) og Herdis Elline Heramb Bojsen (26.11.1864 i Gedved, Danmark-1932).

Gift i New York 14.8.1924 med Gunhild Elisabeth Holter (10.10.1901 i Sarpsborg-), datter av havnefogd Karl Erik Holter (1.8.1955-1924) og Ragnhild Omunda Pedersen (21.9.1861 i Stavanger- 1924).

Barn: Solveig Aamot (10.2.1926 i New York-), Olav Richard (22.1.1928 i Manhattan, New York- 3.10.2016 i Bridgeport, Harrison County, West Virginia), Ragnhild Aamot(20.7.1936 i Oslo-).

Olav Crone Aamot tok eksamen artium 1918 ved Skiens offentlige skole, eksamen ved Kjemiavdelingen NTH 1923. Emigrerte til USA 28.9.1923.

Studerte ved Columbia University, New York. Ans. [1] forsøkslab., New York USA 1923-36, i Norge hos Elektrokemisk, Oslo som metallurg 1936-48, Director of Metallurgy, Chrom. Mining & Smelting Canada 1949- 52, Dir. of Techn. Keokuk Electro Metals, Wash. 1953- 54, Supt. of Exper. Dept. Tin Process Corp., Texas City 1955- 56, Metallurgical Research, Texas 1957 - 58, fra 1959 Strategic-Udy som Assist. Gen. Man., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Ingeniør i Leviston, New York.

Olav Crone-Aamot emigrerte fra Trondheim til New York City på 1920-tallet, men flyttet tilbake fra USA til Norge i 1936 og deltok i motstandskampen her hjemme. Boka «The Norwegian Paperclip» av Olav Richard Crone-Aamot (22. januar 1929 - 3. oktober 2016) handler om motstandskampen mot nazistisk okkupasjon i Norge mellom 9. april 1940 - 8. mai 1945 og Kong Haakons hjemkomst til Norge 7. juni 1945.


Olav Richard Crone-Aamot, 87, of Fairmont, White Hall, West Virginia died October 3, 2016 in the United Hospital Center in Bridgeport of congestive heart failure.

He was born in Manhattan, New York City, of January 22, 1929, the only son of Olva and Gunhild Crone-Aamot. He lived in Oslo, Norway and was a member of the Norwegian underground movement during the German occupation of Norway from April 9, 1940 until June, 1945, then he was a member of the Royal Norwegian Army, followed by a short stint as interpreter for the Royal British Army.

He joined the United States Army in January, 1947, as a European enlistee while still 17 years old. He attended and graduated from Officer’s Candidate School and remained with the US forces for the following 36 years, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

He directed 1200 partisans in operations behind enemy lines in North Korea during the Korean War and was in charge of producing strategic intelligence studies for J2MACV in Vietnam. He spent a total of 26 years in Europe and 10 years in the Orient. He spoke six languages, and has written several manuscripts on Vikings and two manuscripts on German intelligence operations during World War II.

Richard was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Solveig.

He leaves his wife, Carolyn Deputy Crone-Aamot of Fairmont; one daughter and son-in-law, Barbara (Aamot) and David Sobel, and two grandchildren, Gordon (Faith) and Jacqueline (Don) of Pittsburgh, PA; a sister, Ragnhild, four nieces and a nephew all of Norway.

At the request of the deceased there will be no funeral home visitation or funeral service. Following cremation, interment will take place in Norway at a later date.

From his book- "The Norwegian Paperclip" Olav Richard Crone-Aamot was all of eleven years, three months old on April 9, 1940 and living with his family in Oslo, Norway when the Germans marched into his town. From that first day until the war was over, he and his friends did all they could to thwart the occupier's efforts to control and subdue the Norwegians. Olav eventually joined the newly organized MILORG, the Norwegian Underground that was officially recognized when the Germans capitulated to the Allies in May of 1945, and from there volunteered as the youngest member of the Royal Norwegian Army.

Not yet 18 years old, he joined the U.S. Army as a European Enlistee on January 17, 1947 at Marburg, Germany. He tells the story that he told the recruiter that he wanted to drive a Jeep in the Constabulary, but he was told "Son, with six languages, we have something much more interesting for you!" He spent the next 36 years as a Military Intelligence Specialist with service in Germany, Korea and Vietnam. He eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.