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Kristiansten Fortress

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The Kristiansten Fortress
Foto: Jan Habberstad

The Kristiansten Fortress was built after the city fire of Trondheim in 1681 to protect the city against attack from the east. Construction works finished in 1685. Johan Caspar de Cicignon was assigned the task of rebuilding the city after the fire. As an officer in charge of the Norwegian fortifications he was responsible for the construction of the fortress.

It fulfilled its purpose in 1718 when Swedish forces lay siege of Trondheim. The fortress was decommissioned in 1816. It is located very strategically on a hill to the east of the city. The fortress was a strong key element in the fortification this period.

The tower has 3 storeys, a gunpowder room in the cellar, the commander’s quarters on the first floor and gun positions on the two upper floors. The cannons have only been fired once in battle.

1000 soldiers and 76 cannons on the fort resisted the attacks from the Swedish general Armfeldt with 7000 troops in 1718. The enemy retreated and it never came to strong battles again.

After 1816 the Kristiansten fortress had no further military functions. It has served as a fireguard position since. During World War II the Germans used the area as execution ground.

The Kristiansten fort january 2009.Foto: Jan Habberstad

The Kristiansten Fortress is situated on a hill east of Trondheim City.

Kanonene hviler. Foto: Jan Habberstad

The cannons have been sleeping nearly 300 years...

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