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Knud Sophus Riser

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Knud Sophus Riser
La Crosse river front
Knud Sofus Riser (15.8.1858 i Horten- 1.11.1931 i Dutton, Kent County, Michigan, USA) var sønn av fullmektig Johan Sigvart Riser (1825 i Moss-) og Maren Mortensen (1825 i Kristiania-). Gift med Sarah H. Riser (-29.11.1928)

Knud Sophus Riser ble utdannet fra Kristiania Tekniske Skole i 1879. Utvandret 10. juni 1881 til Chicago.

Han ble chief engineer i Clinton (Iowa) Bridge and Iron Company. Han planla en bro over Missisippi ved La Crosse, Wisconsin, som hadde 3 faste spenn og et bevegelig spenn på 450 feet. Han planla også High Bridge ved Clinton som var 3.300 fot lang.

I 1901 ble han president and chief engineer i the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Bridge Company.

Bodde i Grand Rapids i Michigan. Drept i bilulykke.

Ketteth Bjork;

Knud Sophus Riser was once chief engineer of the Clinton (Iowa) Bridge and Iron Company. While in this possition he designed a bridge across the Missisippi at La Crosse, Wisconsin, that had three fixed spans and a single draw span of 450 feet, and the High Bridge at Clinton totaling 3.300 feet in length.

After holding other positions in Detroit and Pennsylvania, he became, in 1901, president and chief engineer of the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Bridge Company. Later he went into private practice in Grand Rapids, where he won the reputation of being "the court of final resort" in all problems involving steel design


Died Nov 1, 1931 as the result of a Train/Auto accident that also killed Mrs. Eva Burdick and her granddaughter Geraldine Chaffee.






Three Grand Rapids residents were instantly killed at Dutton, 11 miles south of of Grand Rapids, yesterday morning at 11:30 when the Michigan Central Wolverine flyer struck their automobile at the M-37 crossing.


KNUD S. RISER, 72, of 60 Plymouth pl., NE MRS. EVA J. BURDICK, 72, of 361 Carlton ave., SE. GERALDINE CHAFFEE, 12, of 361 Carlton ave., SE.

Mr. Riser was a nationally known engineer, whose works include the bridge across the Mississippi at Clinton, Ia. Geraldine Chaffee was the granddaughter of Mrs. Burdick and the daughter of OWEN R. CHAFFEE, vice president of CHAFFEE BROS. FURNITURE COMPANY.

Travelling at 60 miles an hour, the Grand Rapids-bound passenger train hit the automobile squarely, rolled it over and over and crumpled it into a mass of twisted steel. The wreckage and the three bodies were strewn along the track for 200 feet or more.


Witnesses said the impact almost derailed the locomotive. Engineer J. Deering braked the train as quickly as possible, but even then it rolled a mile from the crossing before stopping. The train was in charge of Conductor J. Mansin of Jackson.

Mrs. Burdick's body was found about 180 feet from the crossing and 60 feet from the tracks. Near the tracks and about 138 feet from the crossing was the body of the Chaffee girl, who deputy sheriffs said, apparently had been riding in the rear seat.

The body of Mr. Riser, who was driving, lay more than 200 feet from the highway, deputies said.

All three were killed instantly, according to Dr. Simeon Le Roy, coroner. Mrs. Burdick's death was caused by internal injuries, he said, and Mr. Riser's and the Chaffee girl's by skull fractures.


Mrs. Nellie Whitford of Dutton, residing a short distance from the crossing, told Dr. Le Roy she saw the Riser car approaching the tracks and heard the train whistle for the crossing.

She remarked, she told the coroner, that the car would be struck unless it slowed down. The next instant, she said, there was a crash and the speeding train was carrying the wreckage of the car and its occupants along the tracks.

Sheriff Fred Kelley, who personally directed an investegation by four of his deputies, said he was informed the signal lights at the crossing were flashing and that the train whistled as it approached the highway.

There were no buildings or trees near the crossing, sheriff's officials reported, which would obscure a motorist's vision of the tracks for more than a city block.

Mr. Riser, who resided alone, drove from home late yesterday morning, according to neighbors. He stopped for Mrs. Burdick and her granddaughter, who reside with Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee, the girl's parents at the Carlton ave. address just after 11 o'clock. The three were on their way to have dinner with Mrs. Nettie Lowe of Lake Odessa when the crash occurred.

Identification of the bodies was not immediately possible. Authorities learned the names of Mrs. Burdick and the Chaffee girl after they had identified Mr. Riser by his automobile license number.

MR. RISER, a life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, was considered a leading authority on engineering problems, especially those dealing with structural steel and concrete.

He designed and built several bridges which span the Mississippi river, including one at Clinton, Ia. Bridge building was his specialty and two local examples of his work are the ANN ST. BRIDGE and the GRAND RAPIDS RAILROAD COMPANY BRIDGE at North Park.

His services were engaged by the city, according to fellow engineers, to pass upon the safety of at least two downtown theaters, and his work can be seen in several local structures, including the HERPOLSHEIMER BUILDING.


In recent years Mr. Riser had been engaged in business for himself as a consulting engineer with offices in the Anderson building on Pearl st. He was a Knight Templar and a Shriner.

Born in Christiana, now Oslo, Norway, Mr. Riser was graduated from the University of Oslo and came to America about 50 years ago.

Through his connection with the American Bridge company of Pittsburgh, he gained a wide reputation as a structural engineer and bridge builder. Later he was connected with the Clinton Bridge company of Clinton, Ia. He also was associated at different times with bridge building firms in Milwaukee and Detroit.

Mr. Riser came to Grand Rapids nearly 30 years ago and with a partner established the GRAND RAPIDS BRIDGE COMPANY, which ended after a brief existence.

Fellow engineers regarded Mr. Riser's death a distinct loss to the city. Tributes were paid to the exactness and thoroughness of his work.


When those who were among his most intimate friends visited his home yesterday after hearing of his death, they found open text books and scratch pads bearing figures. To one side of his engineering data was a book, "The Conquest of Fear," on the other a religious treatise filled with his own marginal notes.

Since the death of Mrs. Riser nearly three years ago, Mr. Riser had turned wholly to his work for occupation and solace.

He leaves no survivors other than his sister-in-law, MRS. W.E. DAMON of Denver. His body was removed to the Birdsall funeral home and later will be taken to his residence. Among his professional friends who are taking care of his affairs is A.M. Robertson.

Mrs. Burdick leaves her husband, C. DELL BURDICK, who was visiting a daughter, MRS. VERA REDDICK of Manitou Beach; another daughter, MRS. MARGARET CHAFFEE of this city, who is the mother of GERALDINE CHAFFEE; two sisters, MRS. THOMAS WIDOE of South Gate, Cal., and MRS. FRED WINCHELL of Evart, and a brother, HENRY BASOM of Vermillion, S.D.

Besides her parents, MR. and MRS. OWEN R. CHAFFEE, Geraldine leaves a brother, RUSSELL, 6, and a sister, BARBARA, 4.

The Chaffee girl was an honor student in the eighth grade at Ottawa Hills high school. She was a member of Minnewatchim group of the Camp Fire Girls and until a week ago served as treasurer of the group. She was a member of Trinity Community Sunday school.

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